Zelma “Z” Kassimer

Steve’s Mom

Anyone who knew the big guy, knew that he had a special fondness for all things food. From cooking to consumption, Kaz would focus on the best flavors, the best recipes and most importantly, sharing his creations with the best company. From his self-proclaimed amazing tailgate brisket to his soon-to-be famous homemade pizza, he took great pride in preparing everything with love, the same love that he had for life and family.

As a special tribute to Kaz, we would like to invite you to share in the mission of Kaz’s Kitchen. Take a close look at those in your community who may be in need of a comforting meal or simply a shoulder to lean on… A recently widowed neighbor, an elderly family member or someone who could benefit from an impromptu visit would certainly welcome a cake, a casserole or a conversation.

If the thought of navigating the kitchen and perusing recipes strike terror in your not so domestic heart, don’t be intimidated as there are many other options to offer Kaz’s Komfort for those in need. Consider a gift card to a favorite restaurant, a basket of pre-packaged options or a favorite take out meal from a local eatery.

Check this page from time to time for easy recipes, label templates and inspiration that will have you cooking with Steve as you remember his passion for food and his passion for life. In his memory, share a meal, share your time and share your stories as you join us on this caring journey.

Nicole Balich

Steve & Kristi’s Dear Friend

Over the past several years, I have looked for ways to give back to my community. At times I think to myself “ I WISH THERE WAS MORE THAT I COULD DO TO HELP THOSE IN NEED”

Well this year I made a promise. A promise to save as many lives as I could through donating blood! Most people don’t know this — Our country is in the middle of a national blood crisis and we need as many healthy people as possible to donate

  • In the past I came up with every excuse in the book to NOT give blood
  • It will take too long to sign up and make an appointment.
  • They probably won’t accept my blood because of ….
  • I am too busy, I don’t have a spare hour or two …
  • It will hurt too much

Well let me tell you that all of the above is FALSE!! It took me 5 minutes to go onto the Red Cross website and make an appointment. My entire appointment (check in, blood draw and cookie celebration afterward took 45 mins). The actual blood draw took only 6 mins and 47 seconds! Red Cross offers evening / weekend appointments so you don’t have to “miss work” AND there are so many different ways to give blood!!!! You can donate “whole blood”, plasma, platelets, red cells, etc! YOU LITERALLY HAVE THE POWER TO SAVE LIVES!

I would be more than happy to talk to anyone reading the post about my experience and just how easy it is to give!!! Just message me! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to give blood today in honor of my dear dear friend (Bill Braskey), the loving mama of my two oldest daughters (Tara) as well as my kick ass, cancer-beating daughter (Gwenevieve)! #SleevesUp58 #donateblood. A World of Good❤️.

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